A short sweet retreat from Weekend Getaway Towards Flowers Valley


In our lives, there are certainly some lovely chapters that cannot be described with words. One of these chapters for me was a trek to the Valley of Flowers trek and Hemkund Sahib! This amazing paradise has been unknown for centuries in the ‘land of gods’ in the Uttarakhand district of Chamoli at an altitude of 3,600 m. In 1931, when they arrived to visit Uttarakhand and lost their way, British mountains explored the site. And then they walked in the beautiful valley full of varied flowers. The magnificent dale was therefore named ‘Flower Valley.’


In 1982, it was placed on the list of National Parks by the Indian Government and was awarded in 2004 by UNESCO as ‘World History Site.’ The trajectory into the valley is also directed at the 4,320 m-high Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib.


Valley of Flowers in Hindu Mythology 


It is said that the glowing land is the home of several Hindu gods. Some people say that it was Lord Indira’s garden, Nandan Kanan. Some others think Lord Rama’s devotee Hanuman has found Sanjeevani here, a magic herb that brought Lakshmana back to life unconsciously. While local residents believe that there are fairies in this place.


I am the kind of person who wants to travel all over the world. However, my plan for the Valley of Flowers was an alternative to Kashmir. Each trip produces a unique experience that gives me the most special imprints on my heart and soul. I truly feel that Dev Bhoomi’s is nevertheless a heavenly paradise as I visited the Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib.


From Delhi to Rishikesh my journey started. I was simply fascinating on my journey through lush green fields. Gulshan Da Dhaba, Roorkee, I had breakfast. I visited Triveni Ghatt and dipped in the Ganges River, At the next stop I stopped my car in Haridwar. In this divine land, I spent about 2 hours. The religious importance that influences the lives of Haridwar’s people was interesting to bear witness. I arrived at Rishikesh and a cup of chai at a tea stand after two hours of driving. On a road to Govindghat, I heard the news that on that same day a landslide happened. So I decided to spend only one night in Rishikesh, as advised by local people.


I had supper on the shore of the Choti Wala and a wonderful night on the rooftop of my Ganges river hotel.


Govindghat to Ghangaria


I could only get to Govindghat at noon, that was an adventure in itself before the trek started. I found myself trapped at Govindghat when local people saw the rocks cleaned after the landslide. Fortunately! The man in charge, with a stoic smile, welcomed all my confusion and fears, and managed to alleviate my fears of entering base camp in Ghangariya. My trekker arrived right on time. He also informed me of the plan and introduced me to two other people ready to walk with us.


After langar in Gurudwara, we started our journey to Ghangaria. It is always incredible the delight of a gurudwara because it gives peace and tranquility to one’s soul – whatever your belief, caste or color. Our guide advised us after walking 1 km, to put our luggage to the porter as he thought we could no longer carry it! At Barsati Wali Chai ki Dukan we enjoyed a cup of tea and pagodas. Ghangaria is mostly routed along the Ganga Lakshman River. I didn’t have to hike uphill. It was quite a smooth trek.


It wasn’t just us, because there were hundreds of palkis and horses. In addition, on our way, we hypnotized beautiful streams, cascades, and lush greenery. While walking to this sublime beauty, we met isolated villages, oaks, and various flora and fauna species. We spent a night in Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, about 13 km to Ghangaria.


In the ravishing panorama of lush green mountains, we woke up to an amazing view of the sunrise. We began our way to VOF following breakfast. The stunning mountains contributed to our recovery. There was a trail filled with lovely flowers and we finally reached the Flowers valley. My eyes have been glittered by the amazing sight of various flowers of which I have never dreamed of. I enjoyed a view of majestic flowers like Balsam, Brahma Kamal, Marsh Marigold and Dwarf Globe. These exotic flowers were spread out over a surface of 87.50 km as a flower bed sheet. One quote I think as I write is, ‘Nature is never in hurry, but all is accomplished.’