Best Things to do in Europe

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Spend a day at Roman Beach


Take the walk of the food and beverage seller in the forest in North Buda along the Danube to Budapest as a local in the summertime, where the atmosphere is one part of Fellini, one part of Jersey Shore. On the beach chairs of the pebbles, you will sit and eat fried fish and langos, distinctly Hungarian dishes of fried brown, drink Aperol splashes or local cuisine, wine and soda water mix. The return by riverboat ferry is one of the greatest pleasures of the city with the wind in your hair and Parliament glow in late-night light.

See the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland


Take a look at Finnish Lapland’s Northern Lights—or are at least pulled around a frozen lake by rennets when you try to look for them. Make sure you are also ready for a camera (no one warns you that you can only see their swirling colors in photographs, and, pro tip, most cell phones will turn off in the cold). Regards your luck, warm up afterwards in the Yllästo ski resort by trying out the world’s only sauna gondola.


See art on the island of Varmdo


The Stockholm Archipelago has approximately 30,000 islands, but only one has a Varmdo art gallery such as Artipelag. The wood is made of pine and some of it is stained with black tar. Along with exhibits, guests can take a swim, play outdoor chess and follow an offshoot through the Island, William Wegman, and Edmund de Waal. The boat trip is also a key part of a Scandinavian experience, which includes an assessment of outdoor fascination, contemporary architecture and thought-provoking creativity.

Go to a 24-hour churro shop in Madrid


A 24-hour churro shop appeals, of course, for you, regardless of the time your plane arrives in Madrid, to eat them. Since 1894 Chocolateria San Gines serves some of the best churros of the city. They are always fresh and hot because they are fried to order – and yes, you have to have the sauce of the chocolate on your side. A great break in a sightseeing day or an ideal after-dinner break, or midnight snack, (it also serves coffee if you need a pick-up).


Hike down to San Fruttuoso beach


The secluded beaches in Europe tour packages are not short-lived—but that’s not why you’re heading to San Fruttuoso. On the Italian riviera there is a rocky area of an abbey from the tenth century and a restaurant served in a beach style in a plastic panel and paper plates with outstanding, hand-made pasta. From the town of Camogli Ferries go to the beach, but you better walk. In the two hours walk from San Rocco, you will sparkle across a cool stream, past wild blackberries (perfect to snack) and eventually out to the ridge before you will come to this part of Italy before a steep final descent which provides a sort of Mediterranean view.

Look at the sun rising over the Charles Pont


Prague’s historic Charles Bridge joins the Old Town and Mala Strana along the Moldavian river. At all times of the day it is amazing, but at sunrise it is truly magic. Either you are an early riser or you have somehow dissolved into the morning after you watch the sunrising over the City of Hundred Spires (after probably too many absinthe cup-tails at Black Angel’s Bar) is a great experience and you will see one of the very few times that popular tourism site is almost empty.


Listen to fado music in Lisbon


Fado is the Lisbon blues version with vocals that drip through the heart with a Portuguese 12-string guitar. Originating in the 19th century on the streets of the city Alfama, each fresh ballad evokes Portuguese feelings of Saudade, which evoke the search for something lost and are influenced by Moorish songs. Two types of fado clubs exist professional adega and amateur tascas. The first one requires a reservation and is often a complete dinner experience, where some of Portugal’s most renowned performers are presented. (…)…… In contrast to an idea, you never know who will appear in a microscope – and it’s often more exciting.