How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

Can a weighted blanket be too heavy? This is a question that get often asked by weighted blankets users and even intending users. Keep reading as this article gives answer to this question.

First, what is a weighted blanket used for?

Uses of a weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is used for various reasons by many people. A weighted blanket is therapeutic and gives comfortable and support. It is used by some people who have anxiety disorder and panic attacks. For some people, it helps to calm and soothe the body after a really stressful day. Some use it at night to get the sensation of being hugged. As people are different, so is their needs for a weighted blanket.

Now, to the question, can a weighted blanket be too heavy? The next few paragraphs will provide an answer to it.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

A weighted blanket can be too heavy, depending on body size, age and individual preferences. The optimum choice for a blanket is between seven to twelve percent of their total body weight. 

Size: Your body size goes a long way in determining how heavy your weighted blanket should be.  Therefore, you must determine the perfect weight of your size and body type to shield against health risks associated with too heavy weighted blankets.


Adults: Getting the correct size and weight measurement will help to determine how heavy a weighted blanket should be. As experts have agreed, your weighted blanket should weigh about 10% of your total body weight.

Kids: Young children can also benefit from weighted blankets. However, you must make sure it is a good fit for the child. But, how do you determine that?

First, know that children less than two years should not use it. This is because they cannot control their movement. And to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and accidental suffocation, they should stay clear of it.  Also, remember that kids do not have the same weight needs like an adult, so it is essential to take the correct size and weight measurement before purchasing any one. 

Personal Preferences: Even though it is recommended that a weighted blanket should not weigh more than 30 pounds, some people may find that lighter for them. The most important thing is to ensure the weighted blanket does not pose any danger to their health.

So, to the question, can a weighted blanket be too heavy? The answer is Yes. I believe the above paragraphs have been able to confirm that.

What type of weighted blanket should you buy?

Now that we have settled how heavy a blanket should be, you might be wondering what type of weighted blanket should you get on your next shopping. A bamboo weighted blanket is a great type of blankets. A bamboo weighted blanket is made from bamboo. Bamboo has some properties which make people love it: hypoallergenic properties, and cooling and calming effect. 

Therefore, a weighted blanket made from bamboo is great for people with sensitive skins due to its hypoallergenicity. In addition, the cooling effect it gives to the body is a cherished property by many. So, get a bamboo weighted blanket when next you make your order.


Your weighted blanket is meant to give you comfort, and not to cause any health problem. Therefore, ensure you get one that fits you and won’t pose any danger to your health. Also, remember that a bamboo weighted blanket is a great choice.