10 Space-Saving Storage Ideas at Home


Home is where everybody’s heart belongs. It even reflects the owner’s personality. The look of the living room, the kitchen’s size, the number of furniture and gadgets in the bedroom, even the wall decorations, and the color of the sofa upholstery you use can speak a thousand words about you and your co-inhabitants at home.

However, big or small it is, the size of the house does not matter as long as you feel comfortable and homey living in it.

Being in a home as big as a castle or in a small studio-type apartment, you will still need to save spaces for your essentials and important belongings. While it is challenging to keep the house organized at all times, collated below are ten space-saving storage ideas that you might want to check and try.

Consider these ideas based on different interior designers’ and minimalist homeowners’ perspectives. Don’t hesitate to try every listed item. Spacious or cramped, you can surely take full advantage of every nook and cranny of your home to fit every important thing you have in the right place.

A study table mounted on the wall.

Undecided on whether getting a regular desk or just using the center table in the living room for office work and study? Well, adding another piece of furniture in the living or bedroom is taxing. Using the center table for work-related stuff can be messy. Then, why not look for a space on the wall beside the racks of your home decors?

Customize the space by mounting a plank of wood, large and stable enough to support the things you need whenever you work and study. You can even put your work notes, folders, and books beneath that little but wide space inside it.

You don’t need to move things a lot – just grab a chair, give your study wall a little push, and there you have an instant study area. If you don’t want your little secret revealed, you can cover the wall with curtains that suit the room’s color and are soothing to the eye.

 Bunk bed (with storage) for every age.

Somehow separated in a shared space, bunk beds still offer both comfort and privacy for their users. There are these modern bunk beds that have storage stairs, cabinets, and bookshelves fixed in them. You will no longer need hanging cabinets or a separate closet for your clothes and other personal stuff with these storage spaces. You can get everything right under your bed and pillows.

Hollowed, invisible floor storage.

Try this ingenious storage hack. Nobody will notice that you are hiding your secret stash of food, your favorite book, playthings of the kids, your secret files, even your futons, and cushions beneath your floorboards. Seeing the vast, spacy room may give someone a second look at the house, but without the messy lying around everywhere, this sure is pleasing to the eye. Floor storage spaces sure made decluttering easy.

Staircase of drawers and cabinets.

One of the most cluttered, trafficked, and often used spaces at home is the staircase. Toys, shoes, umbrellas, and many other things are being piled up here. But with built-in cabinets and drawers, you can organize your things properly. You can convert the first two to three steps into drawers to put your regularly used items such as shoes and magazines. You can even store your linens, extra cushions, and blankets in them. You can also save a little space for your pet’s playroom. Under stair storage is gaining popularity nowadays because it is clever and handy.

The sides of the cabinet are for hanging stuff.

The bare, tall, and wide spot beside your cabinet is not a neglected space. Nail some handles and hooks, and you can now use it for hanging kitchen and cleaning supplies. Instead of piling your clanky cooking utensils somewhere around the counter, clean them and then hang them where they fit – this way, they’ll be easy to locate, grab and use.

Hidden pantry beside the fridge.

Not enough space for your canned goods, bottled spices, and emergency food? Worry no more. You can refurbish the tight space beside the fridge or in between the fridge and the island counter into a pantry rack. You can store your extra canned and bottled food supplies. Design it either with a wheel or pull-out racks beside the fridge.

Ottoman storage

Ottoman bench or sofa storages in all sizes and shapes are convenient to use every day. Just lift the lid, and you will have hidden storage to tuck away your throw linens, pillows and cushions, stuff toys, and nursery essentials. Good quality and light-colored sofa upholstery will not reveal your secret storage at all.

Coffee table storage.

Another way of keeping your living room clutter-free is this coffee table storage. No need to tuck your remote control, brochures, and study kits anywhere under the sofa. You don’t have to flip your cushions or check every crevice of your newly refurbished sofa upholstery just to find anything missing. Just give your coffee table a little push and pull – you’ll find you’re missing item there.

Wraparound shelves

Transform every empty and dull corner into powerhouse storage. Install wrap around shelves for your home decorations, picture frames, indoor plants like succulents, and keys. It gives off airy and soft vibes, and things are easy to spot.

Open shelves in the bathroom.

Install open shelves on those empty bathroom walls. It keeps your bathroom and shower floor litter free from washcloths, towels, shower essentials, and beauty products.

It is possible to make your home look spacious and clean. You can do it by keeping your belongings organized.

The color of your sofa upholstery, cushion, curtain, etc., can affect the illusion of space at home. Choosing light-colored fabrics with minimal design help recreate the illusion of a bigger, well-lit room.

Endowed with an acre-wide home or just living in a hallway-like room, you will always find ways to keep and store things in the most organized and accessible way. By checking out the above-mentioned ideas, there will no longer be wasted spaces at home.