5 Must visit Manali squares

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The Himachal Pradesh is a lovely hilltop station located on the northern end of Kullu, which has snow-covered mountains and cool weather, as well as an eye-catching environment. It is located in the Himalayas at an altitude of 2050 m and is located in the scenic Beas Valley. It is very famous for adventure sports enthusiasts. Manali is a perfect blend of peace and fun. Many visitors are involved in activities such as paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, and trekking. Resorts in Manali are a lively place because of the localities in colored buttons, Tibetan ladies with multicolored pinafores, Buddhist monks, and men in woolen gotchas.


1. Hidimba Devi Temple


A cave temple dedicated to Hidimbi Devi, Bhima’s wife, a popular Indian epic figure of the Mahabhārata, is also known as the Hadimba temple. At the foot of the Himālayas, the temple is surrounded by a forest of cedars called Dhungiri Van Vihar. Behind this temple, there is an interesting story. It was built around a grotto that was meditated by Devi Hidimba. He allegedly lived there with her brother Hidimba, who is reported to be pretty brave and frightening. Hidimba, born into the Rakshasa family, wanted to marry the person who defeated Hidimba, his brother. Bhima, one of the five Pandavas, defeated Hidimba while in Manali during Pandava’s exile. Hidimba then married Bhima and had Ghatotkacha, their son, born. Located in the snow-capped mountains, this temple has a unique exterior and wooden doors, attracting tourists from all over the place because of its history and beauty.


2. Naggar Village & Castle


Naggar is located in a splendid village on the left bank of the Beas River, just a stone walk from Manali. The old town in the district of Kullu once became the capital of the kingdom of Kullu. The charm of this place is unique. Tourists are often not swamped, making it even more exciting. It is not. The most popular attraction of Naggar, Naggar Castle (now a heritage hotel). More than 500 years ago, this castle was built by Raja Bhosal. The 1905 earthquake survived the castle. The use of earthquake-resistant techniques helped to sustain this castle, although the majority of houses in the vicinity were completely ruined. In 1978 the castle became a relaxing house and then a historic HPTDC hotel. The castle is a highly picturesque building. In the castle, there is a sacred stone plate called Jagti Patt. The local people believe that this Jagti Patt Stone protects everyone from ill eyes, being the only surviving castle in the district of Kullu. The museum is also very popular among visitors in this castle.


3. Solang Valley


The Solang Valley is one of the most beloved destinations, located 14 km northwest of Manali. Paraglider, horse riding and driving in the beautiful and fantastic valley are favorites among adventure lovers. Skiing is the trend in winter, when covered with snow. When the snow starts to melt, zorbing enters the picture. You can see people screaming with joy and excitement in huge transparent balls up and down in the ball. You can also take the classes at this place from the ski institutes if you are new to skiing. The Valley of Solang is also very popular for its tea and many tourists like to bring their tea leaves back. You can also go on the cableway and take a bath in the magnificent view of glaciers and snowy mountains.


4. Jogini Waterfall


Jogini falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations, also known as jogni. The falls are merged into the Beas River in the vicinity of the Vashishth Village. From Vashishth Temple you can start the walk, where you will enjoy the thermals that are known for their medical effects. At the bottom of fall, you may immerse yourself in the small pool of cold water and recall life. You can also go to Jogini Mata Temple afterwards. Overall, the trek is a friendly tour for the beginner and offers picturesque views with pine trees and orchards. This is the perfect destination for you to love a mild adventure and nature.

5. Old Manali


Have you ever heard about the ‘Trail Banana Pancake?’ It is the name given to the growing routes around Southeast Asia that are traveled by tourists and backpackers. The trail does not have a clear geographic definition but is used as a metaphor for places popular with tourists in Western Europe. Old Manali is part of the Pancake Trail for Banana. Cross over to the Manalsu River to get into this hippie land. It’s for you when you don’t like huge crowds. Along with great restaurants and theme-based cafes, fresh pure air, potable water from cascades, strangers around, wonderful trekking paths, old Manali a great deal to offer. In this place, there are great music festivals. The old Manali is not the ideal place for families or lunches, but rather for young people because of its hip atmosphere. Some of the spots make you feel retro. Visit old Manali and enjoy the majestic views and fewer crowds.