Everything You Need To Know About Room Colour Psychology

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The human mind receives all of its knowledge from senses. You can differentiate between clothing textures and choose what will work best to help you feel cosy in sizzling cold temperatures with the help of your sense of touch. Your favourite pop music has the power to delight you and fill your day with peppiness; all thanks to your sense of hearing. Similarly, the colours you see all sound have the power to influence your energy levels and temperament. Yes, the colours you see all around you hold a strong power to influence how you feel and think. Moreover, colours also have an influence on your respiration and heart rate. No wonder an in-depth understanding of hues is important before you get your house painted. The group of the most creative house painters in Perth, the Delicate Painting, is eager to transform your house and make your walls resemble the mood you wish. Read on to know more about the power of wall colours and which hues are perfect for different areas of your house.

The walls of your house enclose you and your living. Thus, they must have the right colours to impact your life in a positive manner. Moreover, the colours most prominently visible in your house reflect a major part of who you are and resemble your personality.

Steps To Select The Right Colours For Your House

No matter whether you are painting a rental property, or you want to transform your own house, the first step is to decide the mood you wish to experience in the available space. Secondly, you need to look for all the colours that match the mood. Whatever you choose, the best painters in South Perth are eagerly waiting for your call. Yes, we are talking about Delicate Painting!

Where To Use Red?

Red is an intense shade that immediately strikes passion. Red as a colour raises energy levels of the room. This shade is known to stimulate passion, anger, love and a sense of power. The colour is perhaps the most desirable, and thus many people prefer painting their walls with red. However, it is important to consider that this shade is believed to give a rise in blood pressure. It also speeds respiration and gives a boost to the heart rate. The colour is suitable for areas like the dining room and entryways. Getting your living rooms painted in red is also a preferred option. Bright reds, however, do not appear relaxing in bathrooms, and thus they must be avoided.

Where To Use Orange?

The colour orange is an energetic shade. It is a colour that gives rise to excitement and fosters enthusiasm. The shade boosts activity, and thus is suitable for a space that demands activity like your playroom or your exercise room. Orange evokes activity and energy, and thus it is not a good idea to paint places that have a relaxing mood in orange. Painting bathrooms in orange must be avoided for this reason. Moreover, bedrooms, too, must not be painted in orange as they are places to sleep and not to exercise. Orange must also not be applied in living rooms.

Where To Use Yellow?

Whenever you see bright, yellow colour, the first emotions that come in your mind are happiness and optimism. Yes, the colour yellow denotes happiness. It gives a strong feeling of joy and happiness, and immediately enlivens the room. Such a shade is perhaps perfect for all areas of the house, but it looks best in the living room, dining room and kitchen. It also works well in the bathrooms, as it brings energy and happiness to this area of your house. Let Delicate Painting add vibrancy to your house by painting it in the colour of your choice. Want to get your living room or kitchen in bright yellow? Delicate Painting is a team of the best house painters in South Perth who know how to transform your walls and match them to your imagination.

Where To Use Pink?

Pink is a colour of love and calmness. It is a shade that fosters creativity and it evokes feelings of kindness and affection. It is best to use such a colour in office areas, as it promotes mutual understanding that eases the internal communication of the organisation. Pink can also be used in nurseries and kindergarten schools as it offers a feeling of warmth. Such a colour of love is also good to be used in bedrooms to foster romance, affection, and understanding among partners. When confused about the right shade for painting rental property, consider this colour. Painting rental property in pink may ensure harmony among the renters, which further makes them stay for long in your property peacefully. Moreover, this calming shade can help in preventing disputes and arguments, thus, painting rental property in pink is a great idea.

Where To Use Blue?

Blue falls in the category of cooler shades. It is a colour of calmness. It is a soothing shade that is believed to lower blood pressures. Furthermore, it slows down the heart rate and respiration of the body. Such a shade works best when applied on the bedroom walls. Contact the best painters in South Perth, the Delicate Painting to get your bedroom walls painted in blue. Avoid using pastel blues in bedrooms, as this shade can sometimes give you an unpleasant chilly feel. Furthermore, softer shades of this colour prove to look appealing to eyes when applied in living rooms. Warm blues are simply perfect for kitchen areas as they promote relaxation. Note that blues must not be used in dining rooms, as the colour is believed to reduce appetite and make you feel tired. A team of outstanding house painters in Perth, the Delicate Painting, is waiting for your consent to transform your house into heaven. Don’t wait any longer to contact them.

Where To Use Green?

Green as a colour promotes peace and calmness. It relieves body and mind stress and is believed to foster fertility. Such a colour works perfectly well in bedrooms. Excited to get your bedrooms painted in green? Delicate Painting stands as a group of the best house painters in Perth. The best you can do to let the walls of your house sing ballads in praise of you is to contact Delicate Painting now and book your house painting schedules.

Where To Use Purple?

Purple is the shade of sophistication. It is a colour that gives a feeling of richness and sophistication. Lighter shades of purple, on the other hand, foster feelings of relaxation. The shade is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and office places. Lighter shades of purple add a serene effect to bathrooms too. Moreover, purples can also be used to accentuate your kitchen setup and give it an edgy look. If you think your dining area deserves a luxurious look, then don’t hesitate to paint its walls in purple.

Looking for good painters in South Perth? Simply trust Delicate Painting for once, and we are sure you will thank us later.

Where To Use Brown?

Brown is a colour of comfort. This comforting colour adds sophistication and elegance to a space. It also adds a calming warmth to the area. Thus, if you pick a soothing shade of this colour, it can be used to accentuate any space of your house. However, avoid using browns in kitchens and living rooms to avoid a dark feel.

Where To Use White?

Well, white is a timeless colour that is perhaps loved and accepted by everyone. This shade has the power to bring the most calming effects. Moreover, if you have a congested space, then there is nothing better than painting your space is white. Yes, white colour is known to make spaces look spacious. If your area lacks sunshine, then white shade is a good option to make your area appear open. Thus, whites can be used anywhere in the house to give the space a fairy look.

Where To Use Black?

Black is a colour that can be used at multiple places in the house but only as an accent. Black is a rich, classy shade that can add style to almost all areas of the house. This shade gives a certain depth to the area. Blacks should be avoided in the kitchen as it may seem to be too dark and sharp, and can add to stress levels.

Where To Use Grey?

Greys are often underestimated while choosing the right shade for house painting, but those who do choose it are actually the ones with great knowledge about home decor. Grey is a versatile colour and offers a modern, edgy look. It can be used anywhere in the house to add a sophisticated feel.

Choose the colour that resembles the mood you want your house space to demonstrate and call the best house painters in Perth, the Delicate Painting. Whether you are thinking of painting rental property or you are looking for the most creative team of house painters in South Perth, Delicate Painting will feel blessed to have you on call or in person. Contact Delicate Painting now!